The Shop is a Radio Fugitive!


The Shop Radio was driven off Live365 1.5 years ago as the Sound Exchange enforcers allowed the Small Webcaster Settlement Act to expire. Immediately we were being charged not only the same rates as the big broadcasters, we also had a rate increase tacked onto that. This action caused Live365 to declare bankruptcy. All their broadcasters fled to other accommodations. We landed at Radionomy, which had been a good place for us. It appears they are having their own legal issues, and have frozen all their broadcasters as they were 14 days ago. We can't update anything. We were told this was a software upgrade.
Not many production systems on Planet Earth go down for 14 days over a software upgrade. In short, we are on the air and still doing pretty good in spite of it all, but we are once again, fugitives. This means we are looking for a new broadcast home, and there will be new tools to load afterwards. We will let you know, but it is time you were told.