Love your radio station! It freakin rocks! This beats the shit out of the local stations that play the same songs

over and over and over.... Even great songs get tiresome when you hear them every day at the same time.

I can just about set my watch to "Life in the Fast Lane". Thanks for a great alternative to "normal" radio.

- Tommy Finney


Yeah, the Shop! I have it bookmarked so I don't have to think about it. I hear local bands like Redefine mixed in

with all kinds of rock. I like that it's mixed in and not some local show you have to hunt down.

Not only that - I grew up listening to Q102 and KZEW I miss hearing good album rock (deep cuts)

-Doug Jones


listening on an IPad, iPhone Windows Phone, or a Droid device?

Just go to the store for your device, download the TuneIn app, load it and search for The Shop Album Rock!