Photos by Chris Br                                        

                             The Alan Parsons Project Greatest Hits Tour, November 18th, Majestic Theater, Dallas Texas


 This was my first time seeing  APP. Alan Parsons Project has been modified for live tours, the original concept was to take studio musicians into record music around things like plays and literature. That's how we got albums like "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" and "I Robot." The mastermind behind this idea was Eric Woolfson who saw it as a partnership with Parsons, and since Parsons had the name in music, having been a sound engineer for Pink Floyd and the Beatles, they should use his name as the band name. The most recent single from APP is "Fragile" which is a couple years old.

The show was at the Majestic, downtown Dallas, an intimate venue originally meant for plays, but has been adapted to play concerts as well. It is one of a few remaining venues of its type (there is a larger version in San Antonio) and is a historic landmark.

  In the ambient noise of the crowd, the band took places, Parsons center stage, and the background SFX began.  The surreal synth, the choir voices, all finally built to "I Robot". It's been some time since I heard this, but it sounded great. The bands and the Majestic go well together. It was a bit a surprise when second song into set list wasn't  "I wouldn't want to be like you" since the two seem to be linked on the album. The next performance was "Damned if I do".

 The crowd was pretty laid back until some of their faves hit, like "Psychobabble"  which I got to admit had me singing as well. The set list includes everything you know, and some that you may be a little less familiar with, like Luciferama and the the (system of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether. It was a great evening.



- Chris Br